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Hainan Rice Noodles

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2018-11-28


Hainan Rice Noodles [Photo/WeChat: Hainan Daily]

Hainan Rice Noodles are the most characteristic cuisine of Hainan province.

With a long history, they are generally eaten by residents in the north of Hainan Island, including Haikou, Ding'an county and Chengmai county. The noodles symbolize longevity and good luck and are often seen in local festivals and celebrations.

Rice is the raw material used to make Hainan Rice Noodles and the authentic snack includes at least 13 ingredients such as dark soy sauce, mashed garlic, black bean sprout, beef shreds, dried shredded squid, fried peanuts, roasted sesame seeds, crisp fritter, coriander and pickled Chinese cabbage.

Marinade is another indivisible part of Hainan Rice Noodles and the addition of chili sauce will make the cuisine more delicious. 

Before you finish eating with little rice noodles left, pouring a small bowl of sea clam soup and stirring the soup with the rice noodles is also a tasty way to enjoy the food.


Sea clam soup [Photo/hi.chinanews.com]


Part of common ingredients of Hainan Rice Noodles [Photo by Sun Lingzheng/hinews.cn]