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Hainan Tropical Ocean University

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-06-06


Hainan Tropical Ocean University playground [Photo/qzu.edu.cn]

Located in the southernmost part of China, Hainan Tropical Ocean University (HTOU) is the only state-owned comprehensive university jointly constructed by the Hainan Provincial People's Government, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the State Oceanic Administration and the Sanya Municipal People's Government. 

It is designated one of the 10 "Educational Aid Centers" by the Ministry of Education, a "China-ASEAN Education and Training Center" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, a "Regional Research Center of Shanghai Cooperation Organization University" and a "China International Youth Center (Hainan)".

HTOU is prioritized as a Postgraduate Education Institution for Master of Tourism Administration programs with the approval of the State Council Academic Degree Committee, and offers a "Talent Cultivation Program for National Special Needs". It serves as a cradle of talents cultivation for south central Hainan and functions as a center for knowledge innovation, social service and culture inheritance.

Its predecessors were Hainan Li and Miao Autonomous Region Normal School established in 1954 and Hainan Li and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Teachers' College established in 1958. After several merges, splits, adjustments and name changes, in 1993, it developed into Qiongzhou College (for post-secondary education), a merger of Hainan Tongza Normal Post-secondary College and Hainan Tongza College of Education. After years of construction and development, it was upgraded and renamed Qiongzhou University (for undergraduate education) in 2006. That April, Hainan Normal School for Nationalities was merged into Qiongzhou University. Its main campus was moved from Wuzhishan city to Sanya in 2008. In September 2015, its name was changed to Hainan Tropical Ocean University.


Outdoor rest area of Hainan Tropical Ocean University [Photo/qzu.edu.cn]

HTOU has campuses in Sanya and Wuzhishan, covering a total area of over 133.33 hectares. It has a gross floor area of 385,800 square meters, among which 171,400 square meters is for teaching and administration. The value of its fixed asset reaches 894 million yuan ($139.36 million) and the total value of teaching and scientific research facilities is up to 101 million yuan ($15.74 million). There are 1,277,100 paper books and 342,800 electronic books in the library.

HTOU now has 12 schools offering one MTA (Master of Tourism Administration) program, 44 undergraduate programs and 12 post-secondary programs. Its educational disciplines have expanded into nine fields which are Liberal Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Law, History, Agriculture, Education and Philosophy. HTOU has one national discipline comprehensive reform pilot project, four provincial key disciplines, five provincial characteristic majors, 11 provincial excellent courses, six provincial teaching teams, two provincial key laboratories, and one provincial experimental teaching demonstration center for fundamental courses. 

Currently, HTOU has about 1,000 faculty members. Some experts of HTOU are enjoying state-council-level and provincial-level special allowances. Some are elected as national candidates of the "New Century Talents Project", first and second level candidates of the provincial "515 Talents Project", national excellent teachers and provincial star teachers. PhD and master supervisors and "Dual-qualification teachers" from enterprises or scientific research institutions have joined HTOU.

HTOU has 14,640 full-time students including 51 postgraduates, 11,354 undergraduates, 3,235 students of post-secondary programs and 103 international students. In the past three years, students of HTOU have won 361 national awards and 969 provincial awards. Students performed outstandingly in different national contests such as the "Challenge Cup", the National Mathematical Modeling Contest, the Electronic Design Contest, and the National Tour Guide Contest and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Skills Competition. Students of HTOU have honorably won 31 national first prizes and 86 national second prizes.


A teaching building of Hainan Tropical Ocean University [Photo/qzu.edu.cn]

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