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Hainan Normal University

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-06-06


Hainan Normal University [Photo/hainnu.edu.cn]

Hainan Normal University is an academic institution in the process of applying for the right to confer PhDs ratified by the Academic Degrees Office of the State Council. It is also a school that received an "excellent" rating in the nationwide evaluation of undergraduate education monitored by the Ministry of Education. Founded in the autumn of 1949, the university is a key provincial university with a long history, distinctive teacher education and fairly good overall strength. It is located in Haikou, a beautiful city for seaside tourism with a renowned history and culture.

The university now has 17 schools, 26 scientific research institutions, 10 Class-1 master's degree programs, three Class-2 master's degree programs, one professional master's degree program for education, 45 undergraduate programs, five key provincial disciplines and three provincial research bases for humanities and social sciences. It now boasts 836 full-time teachers, of whom 488 are professors or associate professors, and 537 have at least a master's degree (170 have a PhD). Moreover, teachers include one national "Expert with Outstanding Contributions", one expert chosen in the first group of the national "Talented Individuals of the New Century", four candidates chosen for the Ministry of Education's "Subsidy for Exceptionally Talented Individuals" project, three national Model Teachers, two recipients of the national May 1st Labor Medal, one national Excellent Teacher, 23 experts who receive special subsidies from the State Council, and 37 provincial "Excellent Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Hainan".


International students learn Chinese calligraphy at the Hainan Normal University. [Photo/hainnu.edu.cn]

The university now accommodates three campuses—the South Longkun Road campus, the Guilinyang campus and the Lingshan campus, covering an area of 1.5 million square meters. With teaching and scientific research equipment worth over 110 million yuan ($17.23 million), it is home to 32 labs, including one key lab co-funded by Hainan province and the Ministry of Education, one key provincial lab, and five provincial demonstration centers for experimental teaching. The university now has 187 internship bases for various purposes, and the university library has a collection of 1.52 million paper books and 1.2 million e-books.

The university enrolls students from 30 provinces (including municipalities and autonomous regions), and has a student body of over 20,000, of whom 477 are postgraduate students, 15,096 are full-time undergraduates and 112 are foreign students. The school's graduates are well received in society because of their solid foundation, high quality and strong level of competence. Across Hainan, over 80 percent of middle school teachers, and 90 percent of school principals, teachers with special classification, and keynote teachers are graduates of the university, earning it the reputation of being "an elite school in Hainan and a cradle for teachers".

In recent years, having oriented itself to retaining a firm foothold in Hainan while keeping the entire country in view and spreading its influence to Southeast Asia, the university has brought into full play its advantage of being in the proximity of Hong Kong and Macao and of being a popular destination for Southeast Asian people. The university has actively expanded its academic exchange and cooperation efforts. So far, it has established friendly relations with 35 universities and educational institutions abroad, and has collaborated with five universities in student-training. In 2007, the university set up a Confucius Institute, the first in Indonesia, in joint collaboration with the Chinese Language Education Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. 2009 witnessed the setup of the Southeast Asian Teacher-training Base for the Promotion of Chinese, under the approval of Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, which is at present the only main construction base of Hanban in southern China.

At this new historical starting point, the university will continue to adhere to its educational model of "bettering the school with qualified personnel, improving the school with quality education, upgrading the school with academic achievements, and establishing the school with distinctive features". It seeks to seize the opportunity and take the initiative in innovating and constantly improving its educational level and strength, actively contributing to the construction of the international tourism island, and endeavoring to become a normal university with widespread public approval.


Hainan Normal University students celebrate the Thailand water-sprinkling festival [Photo/hainnu.edu.cn]

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