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Hainan Baishiling Tourism Scenic Area (Qionghai)

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-05-23


Hainan Baishiling Tourism Scenic Area scenery [Photo/baishiling.com.cn]

Hainan Baishiling Tourism Scenic Area, one of Hainan's acclaimed tourist attractions, is located on the east of Hainan island. It is 12 km to the southwest of Qionghai city center, 92 km from Haikou, and adjacent to the renowned Red Detachment of Women Memorial Park on the north. It borders the Guantang Hot Springs Development Zone, while the famed Wanquan River runs gently by its foot.

It was named Baishiling -- the White Stone Ridge, because of a description from the Annals of Hainan in the Qing Dynasty (AD 1644-1911) -- "rising for a thousand meters, with a huge white stone on its top". Baishiling covers a total area of 16.24 square kilometers, and contains a 328-meter-high peak which is the highest in the northern area of Hainan.

The enchanting scenery of Baishiling has won it a reputation of offering "a unique view of Hainan" as well as "Hainan's No 1 ridge".


The panorama of the rear view of Baishiling [Photo/baishiling.com.cn]

Baishiling allows visitors to discover the "Four wonders", the "Eight mysteries" and the "Eight views". The changing landscape creates an array of sights, and the jagged stones and deep caves add to the sense of mystery. People can climb up the ridge along the 1,308 steps to enjoy the intriguing tropical rain forest and the misty peaks. Atop Baishiling, the beautiful view slowly reveals the sea, the Wanquan River, the betel nut trees and the city views of Boao and Qionghai. This is also the best place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise.

The "Four wonders" of Baishiling refers to the wonderful ridge, water, stones and trees. The jagged stones create varying sights among the ever-moving mist and clouds; the sweet, clear water runs through the stones, forming lakes; the tropical landscape is reflected on the Wanquan River, and the hot springs are revered far and wide. The "Eight mysteries" and the "Eight views" include the Flying Stone, the Dangling Stone, the Fairy's Footprint, the Fairy's Chessboard, the Thousand-year-old Tree, the Three-colored Guanyin, the Cave of Cool Breezes and the Towering Tree.

Baishiling is an integrated tourist attraction combining tropical rainforest sightseeing, mountain climbing and the folk culture of the Wanquan River area. People can get intimate with nature, enjoy superb views, climb the ridge, experience local customs, watch performances and have a taste of the local cuisine.


 Fantastic rock peak at Baishiling [Photo/ baishiling.com.cn]

Phone number: 18876104158

Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Entrance ticket price: 20 yuan ($3.13) per person

Cable car ticket price: 35 yuan per person