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Hainan's first comprehensive history published

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-05-08


The book launch ceremony for the Hainan Comprehensive History is held in Hainan on May 7. [Photo by Chen Weilin/Hainan Daily APP]

The book launch ceremony for Hainan province's first and only full and accurate comprehensive history was held in Hainan on May 7.

The book was compiled by Zhou Weimin and Tang Lingling, professors of Hainan University, and was published by the People's Publishing House. The professors devoted themselves to the book for 30 years, and offer it as a gift marking the 30th anniversary of Hainan's establishment as a province and a special economic zone.


Tang Lingling (L) and Zhou Weimin at the launch ceremony [Photo by Chen Weilin/Hainan Daily APP]

The 2.7-million-word book includes six fascicles depicting Hainan's politics, economy, social situation, culture, science and education in the Pre-Five Dynasties (21 Century BC – AD 979), Song and Yuan dynasties (AD 960-1368), Qing Dynasty (AD 1644-1911), Republic of China (AD 1912-1949), and contemporary era. Covering nearly a period of 10,000 years, the book has abundant historical data with appropriate expression, and will contribute a great deal to the study of Hainan's local history. At present, the first five fascicles have been published. The sixth has been submitted for approval and is expected to debut this autumn.   

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