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What They Say

Famous singer Li Shuangjiang promotes Hainan for over 40 years

Updated: 2018-03-27


Li Shuangjiang, a famous domestic tenor [Photo by Wu Wei/Hainan Daily]

Li Shuangjiang, a famous tenor, has been connected with Hainan province for over 40 years due to his masterpiece I Love Wuzhi Mountain, I Love Wanquan River

The song was broadcasted by the Central Broadcasting Station in 1973. It soon became popular around the country, making the name of Li Shuangjiang well-known and adding to the glamour of Hainan. 

Many people said that it was Li who promoted Hainan to the public. However, the singer thought it was the song that offered him success. "It is my masterpiece and also one of Hainan's visiting cards," he said.


Li Shuangjiang sings his masterpiece I Love Wuzhi Mountain, I Love Wanquan River in the city of Wuzhishan. [Photo by Liu Zhao/Hainan Daily]

Li first set foot on the Hainan Island in 1988 after the establishment of Hainan province and the Hainan Special Economic Zone. Although the song has spread for over 40 years, Li has sung it with different feelings in different periods. The feelings varied from anticipation of Hainan's development to expectations of the reform and opening-up of the special economic zone. Now, he often sings with deep pride and praise for the great changes of Hainan in the past 30 years. He believes that with continuous development of Hainan, the song will be constantly injected with new connotations. 

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