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Hainan makes headlines around the world

Updated: 2018-02-09

The world's eyes are on Hainan after a promotional event held by the Foreign Ministry and Hainan government on Feb 2.

Under the theme of "China in the New Era: beautiful new Hainan, shared new opportunities", the event was the first of a series of activities intended to put Hainan into the global limelight, and received an enthusiastic response from overseas media.

Over 400 newspapers and websites from 11 countries devoted considerable space to this event from different angles, sending a clear signal that overseas media have a great interest in China's southernmost coastal province. 

In addition to citing news from Chinese mainstream media outlet Xinhua at great length, the overseas media gave Hainan government high acclaim for its reform of administrative examinations and approvals, and its efforts to turn Hainan into a paradise for tourists.