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Wenchang Chicken

en.visithainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2018-02-01


Wenchang Chicken [Photo/www.hainan.gov.cn]

This ranks among China's top chicken dishes and is also an island specialty. 

In Hainan, there is a saying that "No Wenchang chicken, no banquet!" 

The chicken is fed with banyan seeds and fat until it is nine months old when it is confined in a basket in a quiet location away from light. Ground peanut cake, shredded coconut flesh, caltrop, heated cooked rice and other fattening foods are then fed to the chicken. 

Due to this diet, white fillets of Wenchang chicken is most renowned serving method although it can also be broiled in coconut milk or barbequed. The white fillet processing method and seasonings both have unique characteristics. Wenchang chicken has thin yellow skin, tender white meat and very few soft bones.