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Dongshan Lamb

en.visithainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2018-02-01


Dongshan Lamb [Photo/www.hainan.gov.cn]

Due to its unique characteristics, Dongshan lamb does not have the muttony smell of its northern counterparts. These animals spend a long time on mountain ranges leaping from place to place and thus are in excellent physical condition, which makes their meat rich and nutritious. Each lamb weighs around 30-45 kilograms and they have a short, squat stature due to their diet of Lingzhi mushrooms and other rare vegetables that are found in the Dongshan mountains. Because the Dongshan lamb nibble their food for a long time, soup made from their meat has a soft and dense flavor. Since Song Dynasty (960-1279), Dongshan lamb has enjoyed great reputation and in feudal times it would be a part of tribute paid to the Emperor. The meat's special characteristics are its golden yellow color, pleasant appearance, soft and high quality meat and mouthwatering flavor.