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Will planes, pets and electronic devices be a troublesome mix?

China Daily | Updated: 2018-01-24

HAINAN AIRLINES has said it will allow some pets to travel in the cabin with their owners on domestic flights on a trial basis, making it the first commercial airline in China to do so. Sichuan Airlines reportedly intends to follow suit in March. Southern Metropolis Daily comments:
Hainan Airlines' policy is doubtlessly good news for pet owners, who can take to the skies with their dogs or cats if the animals are in carriers small enough to fit under an airplane seat and so long as they have valid vaccination certificates.
The new policy is good for the airline, too, because it can make additional profit. According to reports, Hainan Airlines will charge 800 yuan ($125) for each pet, although initially only two pets will be allowed on each flight.

However, pet owners taking their pets on a flight will need to regulate their behavior and follow the airline's rules, as some passengers might not be so happy being in a restricted space with pets.

Airlines could also further improve their new policy by making it clear whether there is any passenger carrying pets on a flight, so that those not happy about flying with the animals can choose another flight. Only in this way will the new policy about pets be welcomed, which in turn will prompt more airlines to follow suit.

Last week, several airlines allowed passengers on domestic flights to use electronic devices on their planes. Such policies are meant to make flying more convenient for passengers, who, on their part, need to regulate their behavior so that they do not disturb others.