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Dance party

China Daily | Updated: 2018-01-03


Dutch DJs Tiesto performs with about 100 musicians and DJs in Sanya during the ISY Music Festival in March. [Photo provided to China Daily]

"That means there is huge potential in China," Song says. "The livelihoods of Chinese youngsters are better now, and they want to take pleasure from music. EDM is a good outlet for that."

"This is the lifestyle that young people want nowadays," he adds.

Song says unlike orthodox music concerts, EDM is not only a show, it is also becoming a popular hangout event for young people.

Though there are only two Chinese DJs in the most recent world's Top 100 DJs list, Ma says the fact they have made their debuts on the list indicates EDM is beginning to take off in China.

The success of the talent show, The Rap of China, also gives him confidence that the ISY Music Festival will be a success, because, as he says, although hip-hop used to be considered a marginal music genre in China, the online reality show quickly became a surprise hit in 2017, attracting almost 3 billion online views within three months after its premiere in June.

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