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Industries and Parks

Sanya Creative Industry Park

Updated: 2017-12-20

The city of Sanya began to plan the establishment of a creative industry park in 2003 and formally started the construction of the park in 2007. It stretches to the east of Nanshan Port Road in the east, coast of Yazhou Bay in the south, Ningyuan River in the west and the West Line Expressway in the north, covering 17.2 square kilometers (including 12.65 sq km on land).

It is planned to accommodate 60,000 people. Sanya Comprehensive Bonded Zone and the Shenzhen-Sanya Industry Park are expected to settle in the Sanya Creative Industry Park.

Currently, 10 billion yuan ($1.51 billion) has been invested in the park. The governmental investment accounted for 40 percent while the rest were raised from the society. A total of 50 companies registered at the park and 21 of them brought 23 investment projects to the park. About 2,000 people currently work in the park.

Tenant enterprises in the park include ZTE, Seentao Technology, Kingto, Yanglin Grease, Biotech Pharma and Xisha Noni and cover a wide range of industries, such as telecommunication, internet-based education, health care, tropical biotechnology and yacht maintenance. Sixteen tenants like as ZTE,  Yongyou Seento, Biotech Nano and Guokang Hospital have started construction (four of them have been completed).

The park welcomes projects involving industries as follows:

High-tech and internet industry: IT, software development, Internet plus, e-commerce, cloud computing, biotechnology, nuclear energy development and application, intelligent terminal equipment R&D and production.

High-end tourist equipment manufacturing and service industry: yacht and sailboat assembly and services, marine research and development services, rare marine biological cultivation and display and general aviation services.

Headquarter economy: headquarters of small and medium enterprises, the regional headquarters of large enterprises, the time - sharing headquarters and the settlement center.

Hospitals, schools, conferences, commerce and other supporting industries.