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Meian Ecological Science and Technology New Town High-tech Industrial Zone

Updated: 2017-12-20

Meian Ecological Science and Technology New Town are 17 km and 30 km away from the downtown Haikou and Meilan International Airport. Adhering to the principle of "developing the town with protective measures", the new town will promote green transportation network, new energy supply system, water recycling system and underground pipe system. 

Its' health and life science, low-carbon manufacturing and high-technology industries, along with emerging industries like cultural and creative industry and modern service industry make up a "3+X" industrial system. 

A central park in the core area of the New Town will be built into the largest green space in Haikou. It will be home to a 250,000-sq-m headquarter economic zone, the Peiwen School of Peking University covering an area of 166 mu (110,667 sq m) and an apartment block for high-end talents. They will be built with an investment of 1.3 billion ($197 million), 500 million and 1.1 billion yuan, respectively. The Xinhai Meilin Center, Headquarter Economic Zone and Meian Marketing Center are currently under construction. 

Local government plans to build a 2.8-sq-km New Medicine Valley industrial park in the Meian Ecological Science and Technology New Town to boost the pharmaceutical industry. It will be allocated in the southern part of the first phase of the new town. It has a planed area of 4,200 mu. 

A 4,300-mu area will be used to build the low carbon manufacturing industrial park and high-tech industrial park, where companies including energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy vehicles, equipment manufacturing, tourism product manufacturing, new material industry, Internet and electronic information will gather. Currently, 13 projects have settled down and started construction in the area.