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9 days Hainan Cycle Tour (Haikou)

en.hainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2017-12-19

Cycling from the Capital of Hainan, Haikou City to the beaches of Sanya.

This trip will allow you to get a good feel of Hainan. You will cycle through the area, including beaches, mountains, rainforest/jungle, tropical farmland, and authentic villages.

Day 1 Arrival:

Your guide will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel in Haikou. You will have your first meal together in the evening, during which time you can learn about the upcoming tour. (Dinner and hotel included)

Day 2 Haikou to Wenchang:

Depart from the hotel in Haikou early in the morning, then cycle over the rolling hills, through farmland and small towns to Wenchang town. By the road side you will see small honey farms, colorful plant nurseries and you can take a diversion through a banana plantation. After a rest in the hotel room and having dinner, you can walk around this Huaqiao (overseas Chinese) town and learn about its unique history. (Lunch, dinner and hotel included)

Day 3 Coconut Plantations and Secluded Bays:

Just at the south of Wenchang Town you will take a short ferry trip to the coconut plantation peninsula. The roads here are flat and there is a mixture of tarmac and dirt sections. These are perfect for cruising on your bike.

The winding roads will take you through a unique rural community. Some villagers weave the palm leaves into organic panels that are used for informal structures that houses chickens or wood piles. You can see people splitting the coconuts with hand tools one by one, slowly working through enormous piles of thousands of coconuts.

Further east you will explore an outstanding coastal area boasting secluded bays and massive, unusual rock formations. You can swim and perhaps go diving, depending on the weather.

You will stay in a hotel next to the beach and taste some fresh local seafood (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and hotel included).

Day 4 Head Inland to the Stunning Mountainous Center:

Cycling inland to the spectacular mountainous center of Hainan Island. The supporting vehicle will probably take you to your destination, Wuzhishan Town.

Day 5 Rural mountainous roads with excellent views:

The road from Wuzhishan town to Wuzhi Mountain is one of the most beautiful roads in Hainan. You may see dramatic river gorges, tropical farmland, waterfalls, thick jungle, and local people's lifestyles. Wuzhi Mountain (1,867 meters) is the highest of its kind on the island. After arriving at the hotel for lunch, the rest of the day is for relaxing and enjoying the mountain scenery or you can take a hike through the rainforest of Wuzhi Mountain to observe the fauna and flora. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and hotel included)

Day 6 Morning Relaxation and Optional Rafting:

No arrangement for the morning. If you want to experience more thrills you may choose to go rafting down Wuzhishan River (add 20 dollars). After lunch, you need to cycle back to Wuzhishan Town. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and hotel included)

Day 7 Wuzhishan to Hot-springs:

Cruising down from Wuzhishan town towards Baoting Li and Miao autonomous county (The Li and Miao are the two largest ethnic groups in Hainan).

Cycling through Baoting Town and we will arrive at Seven Fairy Mountain. Along the way you'll see many betel nut plantations and authentic villages. After arriving at the hotel, you can relax and soak in a landscaped outdoor hot-spring pool fed from the natural mountains springs. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and hotel included)

Day 8 Rolling roads to Lingshui and Sanya:

Cycling from Baoting to Lingshui. At half-way you can explore the delightful waterfalls and go swimming in fresh spring water streams. After lunch in Lingshui you can visit Monkey Island on the way back to Sanya. (Breakfast, lunch, and hotel included)

Day 9 Departure Day

The last day of your bike tour. Beach accommodation extensions are available.