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Nanwan Monkey Island (Lingshui county)

en.hainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2017-12-19


Nanwan Monkey Island [Photo/hainan.gov.cn]

The mountains of Nanwan Monkey Island feature innumerable large and small caves in the cliff with strange and wonderful rock formations. The island consists of many different species of flora and fauna while the forest coverage rate exceeds 95 percent. There are extremely plentiful ecological resources. Nanwan Monkey Island is completely swathed in lush broad-leaved trees and shrubs and throughout the four seasons the fragrant smell of blossom floats in the air. The scenery here is beautiful and the climate very amiable. Nearly 2,000 lively and adorable Macaque monkeys (a State Level II Protected Species) live on the island. It is the only tropical island Macaque Nature Reserve in China and the world.

Scenic Spot level: AAAA

Opening hours: 8:00-17:30

Ticket price: 152 yuan ($22.96)

Tel: +86-898-83361465

Transportation Guide: Take an express bus from Haikou to Lingshui, then take the cable car from the Nanwan Peninsula.


 Nanwan Monkey Island [Photo/hainan.gov.cn]


Monkeys in the Nanwan Monkey Island [Photo/hainan.gov.cn]