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Boundary Island (Lingshui county)

Updated: 2017-12-19


A corner of Boundary Island [Photo/hnfjz.com]

Boundary Island looks like a horse's saddle with its highest point rising to 99 m above sea level. The island is under the jurisdiction of Lingshui Li autonomous county, about 70 km away from Sanya and 180 km from Haikou. It was assessed as a national 5A-level scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration in January 2013. 

Local fishermen call the island "Beautiful Woman Island" or "Guanyin (the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy) Island". Boundary Island's mountains are covered with coral trees (Erythrina). According to Chinese folklore, long ago a shrieking parrot caused kapok to fall from the local coconut palms. It landed on the coral trees and gave them their unique blossoms. When the flowers bloom it looks as if all the hills are covered in flames, a truly amazing sight.

The beautiful island is the climatic demarcation line between south and north in Hainan, and the cultural boundary of regions of Han and ethnic groups such as Li, Miao and Hui. It is also the administrative boundary of Lingshui county and Wanning city. 

Boundary Island provides numerous activities for tourists, including diving, sea-fishing and motor-boating. In addition, it offers many maritime attractions such as the sole submarine for seabed sightseeing in China, the only Dolphin Cove in China where wild marine aquatic animals are domesticated, a Coral Aquarium rare in the world that shows living corals and coral specimens, and the country's biggest Sea-salvaged China Exhibition Hall that presents the history and culture of sea salvaging. 

Boundary Island doesn't forget to provide comforts and special services for visitors, including hotels, catering, and wedding celebrations. A holiday on the island is a fascinating experience. 

Boundary Island has very clean beaches and rich ecological sea resources that are most suitable for diving and seabed sightseeing. As for its unique resources, Boundary Island is praised by tourists as the "island of spirit", "heaven dropped on earth", and "a place for being dazed". In the future, it will be one of China's top-class tropical scenic spots for leisure and holidays, famous around the world.  

Scenic Spot level: AAAAA

Opening hours: 8:30-17:30

Ticket price: 

Tourist season: 132 yuan ($19.95)

Tourist off-season:128 yuan

Tel: +86-898-83347778

Transportation Guide:

Buy a ticket to Lingshui from Sanya Bus Station (18 yuan per person), and then take the bus to the scenic spot from the Lingshui Bus Station.


Parasailing activity in the Boundary Island [Photo/hnfjz.com]


Coral reefs [Photo/hnfjz.com]