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Qingshuiwan International Information Industrial Park

Updated: 2017-12-18

Qingshuiwan International Information Industrial Park is located in Qingshuiwan Natural Scenic Area. The park is adjacent to a 12-kilometer long ecological coastline and is surrounded by rich tourism resources and convenient transportation.

The expected total investment of the park is 20 billion yuan ($3.02 billion) and the size of the planned land area is 209 hectares. As of June 2016, work for an investment of 1.89 billion yuan was completed. Currently, the park has six five-star hotels, 12 kilometers of public recreational landscape belt, one 36-hole coastal golf course, two yacht marinas, one gourmet commercial street, one ethnic customs street, China's largest duty-free shopping center, one staff restaurant of 1,500 square meters, one bilingual kindergarten, one nine-year international school, one treatment center and other services facilities.

Based on the developmental direction of information service industry and the trend of industrial application, the four major industries for the future development of the industrial park are mobile Internet, cloud-based Internet of things, digital creation and service outsourcing. The park will focus on the construction of supporting businesses, living and leisure facilities around the information industry to form the functional group of industry, commerce, residence, leisure and entertainment. The park strives to become an open science and technology industrial park that can seamlessly integrate urban life with leisure and vacation functions.

The investment of the south section of the park is conducted by Hainan Lingshui Qingshuiwan International Information Industry Park. The main investment promotion aims to attract coastal high-tech enterprises in South and East China. The northern investment promotion center of the park is in the Zhongguancun Science Park to attract high-tech enterprises in North and Northeast China.