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Industries and Parks


Updated: 2017-12-18

To accelerate and optimize the industrial structure in Hainan province to cultivate new economic growth point, and promote Hainan's comprehensive, sustained and healthy development in economy and society, the "compliance" command and adherence to ecological red line are implemented. According to the Main Functional Area Planning in Hainan province and the red line of ecological protection requirements, the overall development of space and industrial layout was formulated based on the economic and social development in Hainan province for a period of time.

The provincial key cultivation industries mainly include 12 key industries: tourism industry, tropical special high-efficiency agriculture, Internet industry, medical and health industry, finance and insurance industry, exhibition industry, modern logistics industry, oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical industry, low carbon manufacturing, real estate industry, high technology, education, culture and sports industry, etc. 


On the premise of protecting the ecological environment, the province focuses on the development of marine tourism, medical tourism, shopping tourism, convention and exhibition tourism, sport tourism, rural tourism, forest tourism, RV camping tourism and characteristic urban tourism. 

Tropical Feature High-efficiency Agriculture 

The province mainly focuses on enhancing the off-sea breeding, developing natural rubber, consolidating and developing the aquaculture of winter vegetables and melons, speeding up the development of tropical fruits, promoting the development of modern agriculture services, especially in logistics industry of agricultural product processing and leisure agriculture, Internet+ agriculture, agricultural insurance, etc. 

Internet industry

The province enhances the development of application service industries, including electronic commerce, game animation and service outsourcing, etc. Meanwhile, Hainan strengthens the integration between Internet and other industries including tourism, agriculture, medical care, education, logistics, real estate, finance, etc.

Medical care and health industry

The province focuses on promoting the development of medical licensing, Chinese medicine health services, health care, health insurance and internet health care services, etc.

Finance and insurance industry

The province encourages domestic and foreign financial institutions to set up branches in Hainan, expands market players, increases credit funds, constructs multi-level financial market, makes good use of the insurance dividend policy, strengthens inclusive finance, and promotes local financial innovation and other measures to enhance the development of the financial services industry in Hainan.

The exhibition industry

The province further improves the facilities and services, actively introduces international conferences, association and company annual meetings, cultivates a group of exhibitions with the characteristics of internationalization, specialization and branding in tourism shopping, marine tourism, health care, Internet industry, efficient agriculture, aerospace industry and other fields. 

Modern logistics industry

The province focuses on strengthening the province's integrated transport system, logistics infrastructure and logistics service facilities, studies the establishment of trading centers for energy, rubber, jewelry and other commodities, developing bonded logistics, cross-border electronic commerce, and promoting the logistics mode innovation and logistics resource integration.

Oil and gas industry

Hainan strengthens efforts in the development of raw materials industry, including oil, aromatic hydrocarbons, urea, methanol, etc., fine chemical industry, new materials industry, high-end chemical product industry and energy trading industry.

Pharmaceutical industry

Relying on "Haikou Medical Valley", Hainan focuses on the development of medical industries in bio medicine, Chinese medicine, and medical equipment. 

Low carbon manufacturing

Hainan spares no effort in the development of automobile manufacturing industry, green food processing industry, new energy and new materials industry.

Estate industry

Hainan focuses on the development of shantytowns to improve the residential real estate in the island, operating tourism real estate, and commercial real estate. Hainan establishes a stable and healthy real estate product supply system and the housing security system, and enhances the development of quality and features, which are considered as priorities.

High technology, education, culture and sports industry

Hainan mainly develops the cultivation of biological medicine, membrane materials, special glass and special natural rubber materials, photovoltaic silicon solar cells and components and breeding, the province actively develops international cooperation in education and internet education, the province also cultivates characteristic entertainment industry, cultural tourism industry, cultural festival exhibition industry, film and television production industry, new media and creative industries, sports leisure industry and international cultural trade industry.