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Hainan legislates to promote yacht industry development

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2022-07-04

Hainan released the regulations on the development of its yacht industry in March, which came into effect on July 1. It is the country's first local legislation aimed at the yacht industry, and also the first one centered on promoting the development of a specific industry in Hainan.

The regulations have seven chapters and 56 articles. These put forward a number of promotion measures covering the areas of yacht industry development, inspection, registration and navigation, yacht leasing, as well as service and supervision. The regulations also include a series of measures to support the innovation and development of the yacht industry from multiple perspectives.

It expands the scope of market entities, stipulating that in addition to Chinese citizens, as well as legal persons and organizations, expatriates working in Hainan who have obtained residence permits can also apply for yacht registration in the Hainan Free Trade Port.

The age of imported second-hand yachts will be relaxed from one year to five years, while the maximum passenger capacity will be increased from 12 to 29, thus promoting the transaction and consumption of foreign second-hand yachts, as well as promoting the development of super yachts.

The regulations also cover yachts for self-use, solve the problem of test driving during yacht sales, as well as solve the problem of mutual recognition and management of crew certificates. They also respond to the industry's demand for night sailing, as well as promote night sailing tourism development.


Hundreds of yachts sail to the sea near Phoenix Island in Sanya CBD during the Spring Festival holiday. [Photo/IC]