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Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Updated: 2020-05-11


Haikou National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. [Photo/WeChat account gjlydsb]

Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the only national hi-tech industrial development zone in Hainan, was established in 1991. It is China's high-tech industrial portal to Southeast Asia, the core engine of promoting new industrialization in Hainan and an important economic growth pole in Haikou. 

The overall planning area of the park is 55.42 square kilometers. The park focuses in industries such as life and health, low-carbon manufacturing and high-tech. Currently, there are more than 550 enterprises in the park including 56 high-tech enterprises and five listed companies. Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone aims to promote the overall economic development in Haikou and Hainan through industrial clusters. The hi-tech industrial development zone strives to become the strategic emerging industries gathering area, energy-saving emission reduction demonstration area and an ecologically livable new district.

The hi-tech industrial development zone has 33 percent of the province's high-tech enterprises and 50 percent of the city's innovative enterprises, all kinds of engineering and technology centers, as well as 27 key laboratories, attracting a large number of experts and scholars of "1000 Talents Plan" and overseas returnees. The zone has the province's largest entrepreneurial incubator and other entrepreneurial bases, and expert advisory committee with four Nobel Prize laureates. The drug laboratory and other public technical service platforms have been established inside the hi-tech zone. 

Mei'an Ecological Science and Technology Park is the main future park of Haikou National High-tech Zone. It is located in the west of Haikou with a planned area of 39.86 square kilometers.

Medicine Valley Industrial Park is the core area of Haikou Medicine Valley. With a planning area of 6.52 square kilometers, Medicine Valley Industrial Park focuses on research and development enterprises of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health products. Nearly 60 production and research and development institutions such as Qilu Pharmaceutical, Honz Pharmaceutical, Hailing Chemipharma and Shuangcheng Pharmaceuticals are located in the park. The park's pharmaceutical enterprises account for more than 62 percent of the total pharmaceutical enterprises in Hainan. The park is also the only "National Demonstration Zone of Li Pharmaceutical Industry" in China.

Shiziling Industrial Park has a planning area of 5.82 square kilometers and it focuses on the development of new energy sources, new materials and energy saving industry.

Yunlong Industrial Park is located in Yunlong Town of Haikou City, in close proximity to Meilan International Airport. It has advantages in its location and convenience of transportation. The park has a planning area of 3.35 square kilometers and it focuses on the development of food and beverage, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, tourism crafts and leisure sports products manufacturing and other light industries.

Haima Industrial Park is a supporting industrial park for Haima Automobile. It is located in the south of downtown Haikou and is adjacent to the automobile factory of Haima Automobile. The planning area of the park is 1.82 square kilometers. Currently, the third factory and engine factory of Haima Automobile, Yuanchuang Automotive and other supporting enterprises for complete vehicle manufacturing are located in the park. It is an automotive park with a complete industrial chain and 50 supporting enterprises of Haima Automobile. The park is capable of producing 300,000 vehicles and 300,000 engines annually.