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Qingshuiwan Natural Scenic Area (Lingshui)

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-04-22

Located in Lingshui Li autonomous county, Qingshuiwan Natural Scenic Area is a national 4A tourism attraction boasting a long lean beach and beautiful tropical scenery.

The area is believed to have "the most anticipated coastline in Hainan," with a coastline spanning 12 kilometers. What is more amazing is that this winding coast is reef rock on one side and sandy beach on the other side.

The water quality of Qingshui Bay meets the national first-class marine water quality standard. The visibility is up to 25 meters, and the water depth is only two meters. It has the clearest sea water, which is blue and beautiful, serving as an ideal natural destination to seek water entertainment. 

In addition, Qingshuiwan also has 10,000 mu (667 hectares) of rainforest surrounded by mountains and seas, with a forest coverage rate of more than 65 percent. It is a natural oxygen bar in nature. 

In addition to natural resources, a series of high-end tourism and holiday facilities, such as a golf club, yacht facilities, and hotels, were also created at Qingshuiwan to serve tourists. The Qingshuiwan Marina, spanning the 12-kilometer coastline, is the largest of its kind in Asia and has the capacity to host the largest yacht in the world. 


1. Bus: Visitors can take a bus from Lingshui Bus Terminal.

2. Self-drive: Drive along Hainan Roundabout Expressway G98 and turn right after Yingzhou Overpass to Qingshuiwan Avenue. Drive along for two kilometers and turn right, you will reach the scenic area after another one kilometer. 


Beautiful beach and clean sea water at Qingshuiwan Natural Scenic Area. [Photo/Xinhua]