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Hainan Provincial Mass Art Center

Updated: 2017-12-20

The Hainan Provincial Mass Art Center was formerly known as the Hainan Cultural Center. Founded in 1960, it was renamed the Hainan Mass Art Center (also function as the Hainan Provincial Institute of Art and the Hainan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center) in 1988. The center is a non-profit cultural service institute under the jurisdiction of the Hainan Provincial Department of Culture, Radio and Television, Publication and Sports, with a purpose of protecting the basic cultural rights and interests of citizens. It is an important part of the national public cultural service system. 


Actresses perform at the stage [Photo/www.hnsqyg.org]

The center has departments of administration, art research institute, intangible cultural heritage work, social activities, art photography, and literature and art. 


Ethnic songs and dance performance [Photo/www.hnsqyg.org]

The main functions of the center in Hainan province include organizing various cultural and artistic activities, encouraging public cultural and artistic creations, guiding the cultural centers to carry out their work, conducting research on the theory of culture and the arts, editing and publishing culture and art books and magazines, and identifying and protecting intangible cultural heritage and folk culture and art to promote Chinese culture. 

Add: No 68 Guoxing Avenue, Haikou, Hainan

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